Sunday, July 30, 2006


Home at last- feel like I haven't been here at all this week (well actually that is nearly true!)
Jasmines 6th birthday was friday, and her party too. The garden was packed and the weather was good! After the party- which was a fantastic puppet show the same as last year- a few stayed behind and everyone dived in the pool to cool off! Including growed ups!
Jasmine had so many presents that she didn't finish unwrapping til gone 9pm! Her choice, we tried to persuade her to keep some for the next day but nuh-uh she wanted to tear them all open! She was chuffed to little mint balls with her charles owen riding hat I bought her, and giggled like a loon when she opened it!
Great day all round, got to see LOTS of people I hadn't seen for ages which was lovely (and at times scary!) Next big event is Cait and Willows christening in two weeks (with growed ups bouncy castle) and I get to be godmother twice over in the same day!
I'll leave you with a pic of the birthday girl...

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Sweet Shirleen said...

Aww blessum what a cutesie!