Wednesday, July 05, 2006


soooooooooo much! Simba that is- just look at him- how could I not love him?! I can honestly say I would die before I let anyone hurt him. So- we had another photo shoot last week- and this is one of the corkers we got back. The hugest pic is just stunning- as they all are of course- and this one doesn't have grey shadows on it irl!
Simba was such a good boy bless him, he even went and sat on the photographer- he has never done that before, and she was fabulous...quick to shoot, and had a real flair for natural pics- which is what I love! Should add that this image is copyright olan mills, so no stealing!

Feeling generally pissed off today. I am hot. I have hayfever from hell. I am hot. I am fed up. Did I mention I am hot? Poor animals are suffering :( Went out to pets at home this evening- which I loathe- but got a fab creation called the chin- chiller. Essentially just a piece of marble, but you can pop it in the fridge/freezer, and voila! The idea is that chinchillas/other small furry critters can lie on it to cool down, Giz seems to like it :) Also bought a fan that clips onto cages, so will use that on Giz in the day and Simba in the evening when he is in his cage. It is quiet too so great for dogs if they are crated. Ice cubes in their water, a bottle of water freezing to put in front of the fan tomorrow, thanks for that Ali ;)

Lots of parcels this week too- all scrap related of course- poor postie got an eyeful today- I was in the shower when he rang the doorbell! LOL! Mandy at modern scrapbooking has a real eye for coordination! YUMMERS- thanks chick!
Anyhoodle, just updating cos I won't have time the to the stables with Jazzy J, hoping to get some more jumps out of her! (armed with camera of course!)
Lotsa love peeps!


Paula (Pod) said...

Can I join you in feeling p****d off? Must be the weather, lol!

Anonymous said...

Just sending you a big (cool of course) hug!!

Love that photo of Simba. He is just too gorgeous for words!!

Take care

Ali and Levi

Mel said...

What a fabby photo of Simba! Great ideas for keeping pets cool :)

Mel x