Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter

Hope you all had a goodun, I know I did in all the glorious sunshine!
Spent a good portion of sunday spring cleaning Simba's cage with the pressure washer- the temptation to blast unsuspecting passers by was all too much though!
Yesterday involved a shopping trip to Swindon, which means the papermill shop! YAY!
Been a bit manic here as usual, Friday saw me putting up a 10 foot trampoline for J, and then spending over an hour bouncing with her- I was exhausted but what fun!
I have managed to shed half a stone in the last two weeks- not bad seeing as I have had so much take away food!
Off to the stables tomorrow, and more trampolining!
Will leave you with a few DT image from Ribbon mad
Hybrid mini book (credits to shabby princess)
This is made from one sheet of 12x12 plus extra card for the cover

Page one and two- this is what you see when you open the cover

Lift up the above two pages and you get this:
(12x12 scored into quarters, cut up one line from edge to centre)

This creates a flap so you can flip the pages down to get more layouts on, like this:
(the top two pages flip down so you can fold the book to close the cover making a book that is just over 6x6- but one sheet of card therefore makes 6 pages!)

A couple of cards and a tag:

And the oh so cool doly bags- the ribbon kits come in these great dolly bags, which I altered (come on it would be rude not to!)

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Irene said...

This is absolutely beautiful work. Love it all.