Tuesday, May 08, 2007

long time...

no blog!

TBH I've been busy busy but nowt so exciting that I had to drop everything and rush online to tell you lol!

A True Friend challenge two goes live soon, really enjoyed doing this one, will add the layout here too when it is live.

Been doing lots of digi faffing, learned lots of new things, and made some papers and bits too, have to say I am quite pleased with them, which is saying something as I am a fussy bugger!

May pop them up here for download when I have perfected the art ;)

Can't leave without a pic of something so here is a random digi...so very basic, but it took all of five minutes while I stopped for a coffee one day! Just fancied a play about so I did- that is the beauty of doin' it digi style I guess! Credit: shabby princess wild love

1 comment:

Beth said...

Lovely colours Rena, would never have thought it was digi, and easy sounds just right for me, lol. Thinking of you lovely. XX