Saturday, May 12, 2007

the pink-croc wearing Romany...

So, yesterday I toddled off to have my fortune told..I did not expect said fortune teller to be wearing pink crocs lol- we hit it off straight away ;)
So what did she tell me?
Well, let me tell you first, that there is one thing about myself that not many people know about, even some of my closest family. I have always maintained that if someone giving me a 'reading' could tell me that one thing, then I would be totally convinced.
She did.
And got it spot on.
And I welled up lol!
I have to transcribe it all so will no doubt forget loads til I have done that.
So, out of my 15 main cards (I chose to have my cards read as you can get a lot more out of it and also ask questions), they all tied together in groups. Four of them told of a death (she did ask me several times if I wanted to know the bad, and when she turned the cards asked if I was sure), I wanted to continue, and although not entirely sure who it is at the moment, there is a death on the way.
I am NOT dwelling on it, Iam not worrying about it- what's the point?
Everything else was REALLY great and I came away with a hoppity-skip in my step.
I WILL marry and it will be a very good and happy marriage, and I WILL have kids.
I have spent so long pondering if it will ever happen.
I am very creative, good with my hands and anything I choose to do with this I can make successful.
She told me so very much about Mart, why he is the way he is, what he has been through, the fact that he works for himself and is hugely successful at what he does.
I will be buying property, and I shall also be very successful in what I do with the property (not sure what that's all about just yet).
One of the first things she picked up on (and i had subsequent cards that said the same) is that I get very depressed, and in a round-a-bout way get depressed about being depressed (yet I went in all smiles doing my 'happy me' bit that I have perfected), but there is light at the end of the tunnel :)
I came out shaking, and pretty much unable to speak.
Of course we were all sharing our experiences in the car, and the funy thing was that out of the four of us, the only link was my Mum, and she managed to tie us all in together, she had no knowledge of what relationship we were to eachother.
Like, she told my Mum she had two children, and she could see there being a wedding for one, and that it would be to a good man (my brother is already married), then when I went in she told me I was not married (I had no rings on anyway and had hidden my hands ;) ) but I would be getting married...
All very very interesting! I will go again to see her (she stays here at certain times of the year- well about 20 mins away).
This is where the reading took place...
Afterwards, we were all in need of a good cuppa, so travelled to Bourton on the water, a beautifully quaint little village, hit a few shops, and had chips sat on the waterfront while feeding the birds.
This place gets really manic in the summer, it seems to have turned into a real tourist spot over the last few years. But the kids, dogs etc all jump in the water for a splash around and have a great time!
After that we headed over to Stow on the wold, hit a few more shops (I tell you, if you like antiques this is the place to go) but don't try and make a day of it cos you just can't!
Then back home and another vet trip for poor Jessicat who has been a little bit poorly. Another couple of jabs later and she is on top form now- she can't stop eating (that'll be the steroids she is on) and is spending lots of time prancing about the garden like a ninny!


Anonymous said...

Sounds absolutely delightful, I would love to have my fortune read but I'd probably be really skeptical about it at the same time

mmmbisto x

Glittery Katie said...

You can ALWAYS trust women in pink Crocs ;)
love kt x