Friday, February 22, 2008

howdy doodly!

Less than a month- whassup with that?!

Busy busy busy here. Went to the trade show at the weekend, was great to catch up with people, that's always the best bit. There were some gorgeous stands there, but nothing really jumped out at me :( Although I did reeeaaaaally like the Laura Ashley stamps! It was nice to see how many more stands there were, since I last went (3 years ago!) but it was smaller than last year apparently.

Had a nice lil surprise in the post on Friday. Got home from the stables to find a special delivery package on the idea what that is...opened it up to find two little embossed boxes wrapped with lashings of ribbon....a little folder...and a letter- telling me that I had won a competition (from vicks)- cool beans! Thinking it would be a little prize, I was still really I read further I realised this was a biggy...£1000 to spend at hotel du vin- OH YES! So on Friday Amy and I are off for a facial and a slump in the bar and bistro- all gratis! ANNNNND with no kiddos! Much as I love 'em, sometimes a little child free treat is just the bees knees! ;)

Talking of the kiddos- how proud am I of this munchkin?! VERY! Jas has been really pushing forward with her riding- we had a great lesson out in the field the other week, she rode with a couple of oder children and adults, and did FAB. She was flying over the same height jumps that the adults were doing :DBut check this out- on Tuesday- her first triple jump ever! *beams* Hard to believe she is only seven.

Onto other things- this cushion is being privately auctioned on Kirsty's blog here to help raise money for Belle's trip to the US, with the hope of finding a diagnosis for her.
It is approx 8" square (ish), backed with black and white spot fabric, sewn on a vintage (early 1900's) singer machine, and a bit of hand sewing too. The front is felt embellished, with a little made with love charm and a little bit of swarovski comes as a complete cushion (no removable cover) and is finished with a bit of wonky stitching for that lovin' handmade feel ;)
ATF went up again on Tuesday, this weeks theme was exercise- Simba flies about to keep him fit, then we have plenty of lunatic acrobatics too- while he shouts 'reeaaddddy...steadddddddyyyyy GO!' If you would be interested in doing a guest design spot for us this year, leave me a link to some of your work, and your blog/email addy :) We are always on the lookout for inspirational pet stuff, lets face it, the blog was started due to a lack of inspiration and nice products for those of us who like to have albums of our critters.
Lastly a cute pic of my lil guy- playing on the windowsill in the sunshine :)


Carol said...

aw hun, your cushion is just absolutely awesome!! i LOVE it! x

domestic goddess said...

so ggod to see you at the weekend, beautiful cushion hun
hugs xxx

Ali said...

I love your cushion, it is fab!!

Well done to Jaz as well she is such a star!!


Ali xx an Levi xxx and LaserBoy xxx

mysillybirdies said...

LOVE that pillow! Soo cute!
Such a cool photo & LO too of your FID!