Friday, February 08, 2008

what a month!

seems this is turning into a monthly blog at the mo lol!

It's been a manic one!

Besides decorating and having a mare of a time with faulty stuff that has to go back (yes another broken bed lol and grrrrr), and being poorly (still not right) I have turned another year older this week. So now I am 28 and 12 months old. And next year I will be 28 and 24 months- I am not hitting that big milestone- nuh-uh. *shakes head*

Monday (day before my birthday) Mum took the day off work to take me out for lunch. fab food, fab time. On the way back there was a big crash, which we narrowly escaped. So I attended the wounded, gave my statement etc, and this morning have a massive book of questions from the solicitors to answer, and they would like me to stand as a witness should it go to court- ack- hate it. (but will of course do it)

Tuesday- gorgeous day with amy and my girlies, and the stables too :) Apart from my gorgeous gifts, I had some special gifts from my girlies- Amelia sneezed yogurt in my face and hair, I laughed so hard I cried, and then she was roaring cos I was laughing too lol! Jasmine- well- what can I say, she tried in vain to fart 'happy birthday' to me- dontcha just love 7 year old humour?! :D

Will leave you with the last two atf layouts :) Plus- I was very proud to have done 31 layouts, that is one for every day in january, as part of big picture scrapbooking LOAD class :)

mucky pets

your home from your pets view (no way was I climbing on curtain poles to take pics lol!) it is straight in real life- pants weather means using the scanner. and yes, simba is upside down in those pics (I didn't turn them round lol) he is hanging upside down off the door frame which he just loves to do lol!


domestic goddess said...

hi hun
cannot wait to see you next week, wasn't it 3 years ago at teh same venue we first met!!!!
have a lovely weekend
anna xx

Cath said...

Gorgeous layouts Correna and a belated Happy Birthday xxx

Ali said...

Happy Belated Birthday xxx

Levi sends you a massive hugs nd lots of licks, bless the girls!!

Sorry I won't see you this weekend but have a good time.


Ali and Levi xxxx

Net said...

How cute are the hanging upside down pics! said...
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