Sunday, May 21, 2006


Thank you for all your comments, love and stuff.
It means a lot to me.
I am ok, it's just a blip (I hope)
Basically Mart and I have had a big heart to heart with a LOT of tears. We decided that maybe we should split up, problem was I don't think either of us really want that. We both want different things in our long term life plans, but I don't think he is totally convinced in his own head that he knows what he wants. Since this heart to heart he has been on the phone every single day, over and over and can't leave me alone, this is not a man who wants things to end- I am more certain of that than I ever have been.
Which just makes things all, well, so up in the air!
So neither of us are sure where things go from here really.
I don't know.
I love him SO much, and can't see us being apart. Acht time will tell I spose.
Had Caitlin and Willow round today- can't believe Willow is nearly 9 months. She is such a treasure- and Cait- well she is a rule unto herself! Totally lush, totally affectionate, and I totally ADORE her!
They are both to be officially made my God-daughters in August. Complete with bouncy castle that takes adults and kids *snigger* should be a great day!
Fab pic of Willow-

and one of Cait and Willow- love this pic so much- not sure why tho lol! Check out Willow's spikey hair lol!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a mega cutie!! Love the hair!!

Love to you and Mart, you will find your way


Ali xxxx

domestic goddess said...

oh babes, it must be in teh air!!!
Take care darlin, time apart maybe what you need, you know what they say,time apart makes the heart stronger and all that stuff!!!
big hugs babes
anna x

Sweet Shirleen said...

Big hugs to you!

I love that photo but I prefer it in B+W it'smind blowing with the ligt coming through Willow's hair and both their eyelashes.

Word verification is 'wavbredf' is that how wide a wave is?

Anam said...

**huge hugs**