Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tag you're it!

Been tagged by shell and anna cheers dolls! ok so here goes...

Five things in your fridge?
1. milk
2. cheese
3. simba's fruit bowl
4. pesto
5. drinking yogurt

Five things in your car?
Not my own car but:
1. kt tunstall tunes
2. disney sweeties
3. umbrella
4. sunglasses
5. socks!

Five things in your bag? (my bag is like a tardis-lol)
1. lip gloss-most important
2. purse
3. keys
4. ibuprofen
5. scrapbook inspirations magazine

Five things in your Wardrobe? (too much in fact it is a triple wardrobe and is at bursting point!)
1. my new brown and cream wrap dress
2. shoes...lots of
3. pashmina
4. my 'funeral' suit
5. my favest gypsy skirt

Five things you would watch on sky plus?
1. friends re-runs
2. old eppys of eastenders
3. music channels (love vh1 80s days!)
4. qvc craft days
5. a damn good film!

On my DVR or video player
1. lost
2. the green mile
3. friends
4. scary movie 3
5. harry potter

Five people I'm tagging: (if they haven't already been tagged)

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