Thursday, May 18, 2006

I know. I know.

I haven't updated in ages! Life is really hectic and somewhat difficult just now, so not really feeling like blogging and depressing everyone else too!
Had a huge falling out at the stables last week, big time, but all is sorted now...suffice to say that nobody will talk to Jasmine in the way that the stable owner did, ever again! grrrr
Pic is of a random layout from the weekend, one of the challenges set by the fabulous Mel and Jill at ATDML Lots of really great challenges. Was a bit sad I couldn't go to Bonanza, couldn't afford it full stop. Orlando asked me to work, but travelling times and costs would have been a nightmare. So I settled in for a weekend of challenges instead and bloody enjoyed it! (and managed to win two of the challenges-yay!)
Anyway hope everyone is well-am still reading all of your blogs to keep up, but not posting a whole lot! Will update again very soon-honest!


domestic goddess said...

oh babes, hope its nothing serious, please ring if you ened to
big hugs xoxoxoxoxo

Sweet Shirleen said...

Haha! I just keep on posting and depressing peeps you know what they say about misery.....!

Hope all is ok now niblick

Anonymous said...

Hunny Bunny....wish you would say when you need a shoulder or an ear to bend....

If you need I will send Levi around

Take care



Sue said...

Sorry you've been having a hard time Hun.Hope things are getting better.
I really LOVE that LO!! Soo cute

Roz Roz said...

Sorry your having a hard time, think you should use your blog to have a rant and rave if you want one though, keep your chin up and you will get through it though.

Paula said...

Love that journaling.