Saturday, May 06, 2006

and now fo something a little different...

'effin 'ell!
I did it.
I succumbed.
At last.
Yes I did the effer dare!
I have been meaning to do a layout about my fave smells since like forever. So when I saw the latest dare, it pushed me to get it done.
And boy am I glad I did.
For someone who normally does clean and simple (ish) layouts, I let my arty, random side out in atc's altering and sometimes painting. Today I let loose and did it all on a layout. Bless the effers for making me do it-even if none of them are aware of it!
So- I painted a somewhat contemporary/abstracty version of tulips on acetate...and kinda shoved things around and plonked bits of paper on til I was happy.
And I am.
Really pleased I did this!
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Now- I realise my scent of choice is rather random-but it honestly is the best smell in the world-to me.
I love snuggling up with simba when I have showered him (normally followed by a blast with a hairdrier just cos he loves it) and burying my nose in his feathers. It really is a yummy smell!
So-thank you effer girls!

We are having a mini celebration of national scrapbook day at the lounge I know it is for the USA, but heck-we wanted to join in too!
So, on two days notice we have organised a mini cyber crop.
I have done two classes, and hope the girls will have a go- they are both really easy clases, but I hope it gets them thinking a bit!

Gonna submit this post now-before my laptop cuts out and I lose it all again!
Oh and huge congrats on a very worthy winner, noodle-our grand winner of the scrap yourself challenge (see kirstys blog for the layout)
ttfn ~x~


TraceyT said...

beautiful lo x

domestic goddess said...

love your effer dare, i am still yet to succumb, lol
love the cyber crop classes, hoping to get them done inbetween my 26 projects!!!!

Sweet Shirleen said...

Love the tulips!

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