Tuesday, August 22, 2006

it never rains....

no, really!
So after not being able tog et rid of all the bloody water on friday- today we had no water! *snigger*
Yes unbelievably no water all day! Talk about irony at it's best! Decided this morning not to have a shower when I got up as I was sorting through my stinky soggy stash today to see what can be salvaged, so figured I would have a shower when I finished. Popped upstairs for a wee in between sorting- turned tap ont o wash my hands, and, well nothing! Not a drop!
Phoned the wter company and they have just got back to us, they have found the problem (someone has gone right the way through the water mains) and are sorting it out now. At last! I can now have a shower, and get rid of the swarm of flies following me about lol!
I found the whole thing highly amusing!

Postie came today with a very special parcel for me. From a very special friend. It brought tears to my eyes, it really did. I am so blessed to have a friend like this, who has ALWAYS been there whenever I need her, no matter what she has going on in her own life (she is about as lucky as I am!) yet she always finds the time. She is the most thoughtful, kind, wonderful person, and I am hugely thankful for her, not just because of what she has done today- but just for being her. She was the first person on the moby the other day when we flooded. I love you sooo much Beffaroo -x-

Anyhoodle- me and the flies are off again! ;) ttfn from the soggy bloggy!

Oh and as a ps- those who were asking about the candles- I am not ignoring you lol. Depending on how the studio rebuild gets on/whether I can work around it, I should be teaching an online class on how to make photo candles-it will be september/october time. Will post more details when I know what is happening.


Shell said...

I hope you have the right ammount of water soon hunny!

joanna said...

Oh my gawd - shall I ferry some water down to you, darl?!! I could be there in 20 mins!!! Seriously, Rena - you deserve a lucky break now hun - I hope it's on its way. xx