Monday, August 21, 2006


Ok no pics today- am on the laptop upstairs. For those who I haven't already whinged at- we got rather flooded on Friday. The house itself isn't too bad but the outbuildings were hit badly. I was sat working in my scraproom, when I noticed a little puddle (it wasn't me honest!) so I went to get a mop. By the time I had stood up and walked all of three paces it was like a mini tidal wave! It tore through the garage, through my scraproom and into the utility room. Typically my scraproom was the worst hit- sods law I guess. I had no time to rescue anything it all happened so fast. Managed to whip the extension leads out of the way, and rip the plugs out of the wall but they still got wet, luckily the sockets are up high so my pc, craft robo, stereo, tv etc should all be ok *crosses everything*
Lots of ruined stash :( And ruined units too I suspect. The amount of silt that got flung through was incredible, so this weekend I have moved as much stuff out as I can, been instructed by the insurance co to rip all the flooring out- that was hard work, but being sodden it was easier to get up than it was to get down! Was told saturday morning they would have humidifiers out within 24 hours- still waiting! Bit like the council sending someone out right away at 2pm friday with sandbags- still waiting! Luckily the drain company had come out to check all the road drains, and the nice chaps went to the yard and brought some out for us.
Lovely guy opposite has been a bit of a knight in shining armour- he came over to make sure I was ok. But he couldn't get through the water at first- it was sat at the front of the house at over 3 foot! I had the carriers ready to get simba and jess out, but luckily just as it was coming through the door the rain stopped, so they were ok, and just a minor bit of damage to the hallway. This guy has been fab- he came to check up on saturday before he went on holiday, and has offered any help I need. our house was the worst hit, but fingers crossed it should all be sorted by the insurance co. We never claim but there is no way I can afford to replace it all. The floor was that bad that when you walked on it, where it was buckled, you got little fountains between the boards of wood!
The main thing is Simba and Jess are ok- the rest is replaceable- apart from my best of british winning layouts which are trashed- still not the end of the world!

I have been tagged too- but will do that later sometime. MAJOR hugs and kisses to my pad girlies who have been INCREDIBLE. They have listened to me whine, whinge, rant and sob. And have been there with hugs, and amazing advice. I lubs you girls! Also major huggage to all at bbc and uks who have also been just as fantastic- lub you all too -x- Oh and of course to Pete-lubs you too -x-


joanna said...

Rena, I hope you get it all sorted really soon, hun - can't believe it came in so quickly :( - hugs, darl xx

Shell said...

Hope it doesn't take too long before it is sorted out hun!

Lubs you too

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Sounds like a real 'mare. Good luck getting life back to normal.

Paula said...

I really feel for you! It's a horrible thing to happen (I know, my living room's been flooded twice). I hope you manage to get things cleaned up quickly.