Thursday, August 31, 2006

Poor lil Tiny Tim

Spent hours yesterday getting a family friend over to the avian vets I use for Simba. They have recently bought a green cheek conure, and he was quite severely clipped on one wing- something I am dead against, I hate clipping full stop. So poor lil chap lost all his balance and fell from the cage :( He saw a local vet who gave him anti inflams, and wanted to see him again, but when our friend rang them, the surgery just couldn't be bothered. So off we trotted yesterday to great western referrals in swindon- I won't see anyone else for Simba. Poor Tiny Tim has a broken leg :( and looking at the xrays is is quite a big fracture too. As he is so little they don't want to do surgery, as his bones are so small and somewhat hollow, they are worried they will do more damage, so they kept him in last night and are splinting him up this morning- hopefully this afternoon we are picking him up. Then back over next week to see if he is starting to heal *fingers crossed* and he should be fully healed in 2-3 weeks. If not they will have to look at placing just one pin in his leg rather than the 4 or 5 they would normally do. The main thing in his favour is he is only 5 months old and younger birds heal faster. Poor wee chap- and he is still hopping about on one leg! So- avoid clipping!

Other news- how would like your pics to look like the ones you see on all these wonderful photography blogs? Well you now can and for a very very very reasonable price- and the bonus is that all the money goes to a very good cause-and towards helping somebody a lot of us know, through a very difficult time :)
Check it out here It is being done by our very own very talented Anita Mundt :) Wishing you all the best with it hun :)


joanna said...

Oh, poor little fella - I hope he heals quickly, Rena - sounds awful :(

Beth said...

Aww, bles his lil bum, can't stand any animals ill or injured. Praying he'll heal well and be back to normal soon.