Sunday, November 26, 2006


where has the last 10 days gone?!
I have been bad at blogging again- so shoot me! That life thing has totally gotten in the way lately!
Lots going on- not all to be shared publicly!
Mart and I are just great, I think I have fallen in love with him all over again- I swear he is hormonal but there ya go! So am I, so that makes us equal lol!
Amy is less than two weeks away from her due date- she had pre-eclampsia with J, and when I went to pick J up from school on wednesday we arrived at the docs to meet her and midwife was coming back out the next day as A's BP had shot up- not good! She ended up being tied up elsewhere so A had to go into the hosp to get it checked- it was up and down and all over the shop- so they did bloods and it seems ok for now. Midwife came back out saturday and BP was still the same, and she is coming back again tomorrow to check it. It is getting so close, and I am way too excited. J and I are very close, and she will be staying with me while A is in hospital, and perhaps a little longer depending on how things go. This is gonna be one hugely adored baby! In some ways I will miss me and Amy having our girly Wednesday's! Since J has been at school full time, Wednesday is generally he day that is 'me and Amy time'. Nothing exciting, just girly chatting, shopping, drinking coffee, whatever, but our time! I will miss that :)

Managing to get quite a few pressies sorted for that big day in December- plus about 372 birthdays before then! Still really stuck on a few!

Am teaching my photo candle class at the weekend, really looking forward to seeing what the girls come up with, and I am gonna make a batch up for presents I think.
Got some more mag work which is fantastic, so working on that this week too. Also had a great proposition from a UK company which was way too good to be refused- I love this company, the people who run it and their products- what more could I want?!


Jen said...

Fab news on the work front, eh? Well done :)

domestic goddess said...

oo how exciting rena, i am so pleased for you. your AK's are winging their way to you as well

Charlie said...

Hey sweetie.. glad things are going well.
Sorry you've been poorly.. i popped up the other day, but methinks you was (wisely) still sleepin!!!!
Kids all send their love.. lookin forward to seeing ya soon babes
take care

greyparrot said...

ahhh- mind you our doorbell broke so I may or may not have been in the land of nod! speaky soony!

Beth said...

Hope baby comes soon, and hope Amy's BP stabilizes, bless her. Good news re the mag work too. Beth XX

Jaffers said...

Ohhhhhhhh, all go on the Rena front!
Sounds like things are fabby for you, I'm chuffed for ya babes!