Friday, November 03, 2006

ok I know!

I said I would blog wednesday night but I was just too darn tired by the time I got home! Then yesterday- I dunno what happened- but seemed to be running about a lot not getting very much achieve

So- Halloween!

Another fab halloween this year- somewhere in the region of 90-100 trick or treaters (seriously) we had made up 40+ treat packages (see pic in a sec) and we made more and more and more on the night cos we kept running out!

I didn't really dress up as such, but did make a bit of an effort- spider tattoo on my face, star tattoos on my collar bone, long black dress, and black top with bat like sleeves! Oh and my light up ghost necklace and spider ring!

So I got the pumpkin carved the day before-

It was flippin hard work- and took about 3.5 hours! But worth it I think!

This was the whopper before- by my standard kettle for size ref!

And this is all the insides!

I was very good- and made two huge batches of pumpkin soup (which was seriously yummy) and roasted all the seeds in butter and salt for guests to nibble on.

Oh and of course we had this too:

A real success! These are the treat packs we made up- all wrapped in Halloween tissue, tied with ribbon with a ring attached- we figured this way it stopped any greedy grabbing hands- they get one each and that's it!

Me and my lil witchypoo

and some of the decs from outside the house (we had more novelty things inside- and I have bought more since!)- except all the balloons had been given to the kids by this stage and the garlands and signs taken down!

And one more (out of focus) pic for good measure- our treat bowl- it grabs your hand and says random messages!
This bowl worked seriously hard!

Really busy couple of weeks now! Will be a better blogger though (how many times have I said that lol)!


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

I can't believe how many trickortreaters you had! Where the hell do you live???? We had just 4 groups LOL. Seriously loving your pumpkin carving - very cool indeed *grin*

joanna said...

I wanna come to your house for Halloween next year!!! That pumpkin was seriously fantastic - best one I've seen!

Dawn S said...

An Amazing pumpkin Rena
Well worth the effort.
Its funny you need the long shaped ones for designs like that, I leave it to my husband he is good at it.