Tuesday, November 07, 2006

almost human...

Feeling better today- well, not been sick, managing to eat a bit and feel less wiped out. Except I couldn't get to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription yesterday for fear of barfing in town, so Mum went for me today in her lunch break love her- problem is by this morning my blood pressure was seriously low so I spent all day feeling rather grot still. Took a trek to the postbox and felt a bit better (not been out the house since saturday!) all drugged up now and feeling nearly human again!
Hoping to go to the stables as normal tomorrow- will see how I go!
Anyway just a quickie tonight-
I have to tell you that Land of a thousand words is being released as a single on December the 4th and you MUST GO BUY IT! It is a truly beautiful song, and I seriously hoped this would be the next scissor sisters single- even though they don't seem to do as well in the charts with the more ballad like songs. It is very 'James Bond', and when you see the video- well- James Bond eat yer heart out- it is superb and Jake Shears is looking mighty fine! Ana is looking super slinky too!
You can see it here if you want (and you should!)
There are a lot of theories flying around concerning the single covers- there are appearing to be links from the IDFLD video- my bets are on kiss you off for the next one (after LOATW) another fabulous song (ok I love them all)!
***edit* all my faves rolled into one- found this- I am, as you know by now, a huge SS fan, but I am also a huge Rocky fan too (and I mean horror show not stallone!) check THIS out- sheer genius- this is one of my favest SS tracks.***

Oh and Rood issues- you plus cherubs would be very welcome here next Halloween!

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Suzanne said...

oh Rena, so sorry you are still feeling so poorly, hope you are better for the NEC this weekend, there's lots of spending waiting to be done!