Sunday, December 18, 2005

bah bliddy humbug!

Well shizzle ma nizzle...haven't blogged for ages again! Why is life so hectic ALL the time?!
Hokays quick rundown of the week...turned up at the stables the other day, was only meant to be lessons, so nowt mucky. So I turn up wearing a long gypsy skirt (thankfully dark brown-feeling a bit bohoesque this week) and my long boots, only to be told that we have to take a hack out...cue me- in panic mode! So I end up trudging through the forest, the hills, and the fields IN A SKIRT! Mud that rose to my calves, in a skirt. In the cold. Not amused! So I survive through it (just) and take myself down past the stables to hose my boots off to get in the car. Mistake number two. I now discover I have a hole in one of my boots and the water is ice cold! The moral being this, I am buying stable boots, half chaps if it comes to it and wearing my jods (or at least jeans) whether I am riding or not! lol!
Lots of business this week, had lots of visitors in and out, and more to come. Had a big deadline to work on this week and finished it with just an hour or so to spare. Why do I do this to myself? Maybe I work best when I pressure myself? Who knows. J had her dance show in the shopping centre this week too bless her, and she was an absolute trooper dancing with a chest infection! Love that kid!
Finished all the pressies to be made, just awaiting on my photo order, then the rest are all ready to go.
Had to go into town today to get some more pressies sorted, £200 later and am nearly finished. You wouldn't think I have been buying pressies since September would ya?! It was absolute mayhem in town, I hated it! Made worse by the fact I bought a suede jacket in next as a pressie for someone, the girl eventually found the tag, removed it yet I still set the alarms off. So I stand there showing this guy that there are no tags, I have the receipt etc, he was really nice bless him...except that every shop I went in after (Next was only the 2nd shop I went in) the alarms went off...and then they went off again as I left! Crowds of people staring, and I couldn't have cared less! I just wanted to get finished and leave! Then of course I realised I had left all my parcels at home. Mum was meeting me later so got her to pick them up for me and bring thm into town, which she did, I legged it back to the post office with 10 minutes to spare....and they shut the door in my face! *evil* So now I have dropped them off with a friend who is sorting it for me first thing Monday morning....I hate the fact they closed our local post office!
God this is turning into a major rant lol!
So off to tesco next...not too bad...£200 in there too (had to do 3 peoples shopping including my own) to sort my Nan out who is very very ill with pleurosy (sp?) she isn't eating and looks so bony :( Had her to the hosp this week, xrays etc got a friend who is a consultant to check her xrays, nothing sinister going on thank god. Upped her painkillers, but she still can't move for the pain. Off to clean her house tomorrow for her.
Get home eventually at about 9pm laden with bags to realise I have forgotten to pick up my prescription...bum...if I don't take a tablet before 11am tomorrow my blood pressure will plummet and I will be ill. Good mate of mine that she is, Chris is picking it up for me on her way to visit in the morning! Then I am having my hair done, it will be so nice to something for me!
ESSAY! So if you aren't asleep yet...after reading about my minor dramas and foul moodage...tomorrow (if I am feeling brave enough) brings the next matter...a pregnancy test...
Night night blogettes xxxx


Paula said...

Your days are full to the brim! Looking forward to the next update. :)

Sweet Shirleen said...

Wooooooooooooo!!!! I wanna know NOW!!!!!!!!

Shall I get out my knitting needles now just in case?????

Awww what a boring life it would be without stress! (I joke)

Miss Sixty said...

:o he's only been back five minutes! Keeping my fingers crossed for a happy result :)