Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!
Thought I should do a little blogging before I retire to my boudoir! Had a lovely day today: Friends and god daughter came to visit this morning, then this afternoon I went to visit another friend, with some more godchildren of mine. Man they were so hyped! Mols spent 2 hours tracking Santa, then her and Cait squealed when a chap walked past the window dressed as THE MAN himself! 'But how can that be Santa?' said Mols...'He is in Japan now'! Bless her lil cottons!! Anyway I won't keep you reading....hope Santa brings you all you wished for, and then some. Lots of excitement tomorrow eh people? now! My nephew turns 10 today, so we have Christmas in the morning and birthday in the evening! Hope you all have a lovely festive snuggly happy time. I know some of you (me included) will be missing loved ones this year...they are with us though. Love to you all xxxx

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