Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bad blogger!

Life has so totally got in the way of my blogging!
Sooo update...the mexican food was to die for, great evening.
Done some more Christmas shopping, still way behind though and loads more cards to make!
Got birthday pressies sorted at last after huge probs with the company I was ordering from, still we are all only human and it was quite amusing...will tell all after the relevant birthdays as I know they read my blog!
Got lunch tin albums made, need to get prints ordered so I can stick all the photos in. Got other pressies (that I can't divulge on here cos they all read my blog!) sorted and finished and ready to post on Saturday hopefully! Really really chuffed with them, and I hope the recipients like them just as much as I do! ;)
Must get a move on with this commish album too *sigh* so much to do so little time, and I woke up this morning with a full blown cold, horrid cough and tonsilitis, so to be honest I really can't be arsed to do any of it...must plod on though!
Seriously need to do some scrapping...I think I am so behind with doing any because of my busted printer. MUST get an engineer out to fix it...problem is canon uk site is down and I can't find who I need to contact on the europe page...bugger it all!
J has a dance show tonight too in the local shopping centre for late night shopping, she has to do next thursday too.
Had our second photo shoot last night. Simba and I went to get some more gorgeous shots done together. He was a total superstar, so proud of him! We had a different photographer last night, and I like this mans style. He took some more 'fun' shots, as opposed to the typical portraits. There is one great one of me and my boy together, and one of him sat on my head! Can't wait for them to arrive, and am soooo poor now!
Was up at 6.30am yesterday and still needed more hours to the day. Lots of visitors. Mart and I spent a few quality hours together, and I feel like I have fallen in love with him all over again after our recent traumas.
Hope you are all enjoying the season of stress, speeding about, and too many people around!

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Sweet Shirleen said...

Awww good to hear you and Mart are getting on well. Hope you feel better soon hunny