Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Restoring my faith in humanKIND

ok quick update about my test....after many rows yesterday and starting the morning by throwing up, I did a test and it is negative. Will retest in a week, but not been sick today so it must have been a one off...very bizarre!

Now....my friend phoned me this morning to make sure I was ok after yesterdays vileness...and I heard the most wonderful thing ever. This friend is my bestestest friend, and mother of one of goddaughters. Bit of background: when her daughter was 9 months old, her partner left them, 2 years ago he landed himself in prison, and it was most deserved. My friend has dealt with so much in her life, so nobody deserves this more than her. She survives on less than £100 a week, to support her and her daughter. Yet she still manages to make christmas special, buy lovely gifts, and take her daughter horseriding etc....you will understand the impact of why I am saying all this in a mo...

This morning her doorbell rang...worried it was someone she didn't want to see (she has had a lot of trouble lately)...she reluctantly opened the door, keeping her foot behind it. A chap was on the other side, who she had never seen before. 'Miss Ellis'?....'yes' said my friend....'I have a delivery for you' says this bloke....So my friend says she is not expecting anything, what is going on etc, and this chap says, 'I am just the delivery guy', and puts two big marks and spencers cool bags on her doorstep and goes off to get more. Thinking back to last Christmas, her ex (in prison) had told her about this scheme they have with the salvation army, for single mums where the childs dad is in prison. Basically they deliver a little gift for the child, (like a selection pack). So my friend asks if it could be to do with them, and the guy said it probably was but honestly couldn't say who it had come from etc, but that yes it probably was the salvation army. My friend is stood in floods of tears, with her hand over her mouth...utterly gobsmacked. At which point this guy says...this is why we do it *blub* Friend says she really doesnt deserve it, she was on her own long before her ex went 'down' and she manages...and this guy says 'you manage. but this is to give you the extras...*and looking at her face*, this is what it is all about' *blubbing more* He forgets something else, and goes back to the car to get a box...friend asks him if he wants the cool bags back...nope they are yours to keep.
Well she unpacks these bags on the phone to me...there was:
2 huge cadbury selection packs, a huge homemade christmas cake (she has never had a christmas cake) boxes of chocolates, m&s biscuits, shortbread, oodles of stuff for dort, barbie pencils, colouring books, colouring pencils, 2 christmas puddings, boxes of mince pies, eggs, bacon, butter, salmon, sausages, milk, bottles of non alky drinks, tins of food, jams, boxes of cup a soups, other packets of stuff, bags and bags of stuff.
I stood on the phone in floods of tears, just because nobody deserves this more than my mate. And she is feeling guilty about it because there are others out there who deserve it more than her. Off to make a donation of some sort to the salvation army now...I think it's gonna be a good Christmas :)


Sweet Shirleen said...

Oh gosh! What a wonderful story.
I am most impressed and I'm in tears here too!
Gotta go blubbing now.
I'll be donating to Sally Army too!

God Bless her and them, God bless us everyone!

Paula said...

A Christmas to remember! :)