Thursday, February 02, 2006

What time does the ambulance arrive?

Cos that is all I need to complete the set!
Last night we had a frantic phonecall...
my Nan had someone ringing the doorbell about 8pm last night, and won't answer the door after someone entering her home and stealing a handbag a couple of months ago. She called out 'who is it', at which point the letterbox opened and a bloke shouted through, your trees are on fire I have called the fire brigade! I think my Nan got in a bit of a tizz, cos she wouldn't open the door, and wouldn't go and look out of the window either...she has been really knocked for six after a long painful bout of pleurisy. So she rang here. Mum went up there (i was out for the evening oblivious to this at first) to see the fire engines leaving. Two nasty little scrotes (police term here for naughty boys, particularly teenagers!) had entered her garden, and purposely set fire to the tree like things (big leylandi type efforts)which are practically touching the house. This bloke had seen them, and called 999, so they legged it. They did a real good job of it too. My poor Nan, she so doesn't need this right now. After looking after my Grandad, then suddenly losing him (totally unexpected) then getting a long spell of shingles, chest infections, nasty heart probs, leading to being in hospital with it and being diagnosed with bad angina and then pleurisy, then being burgled...this just takes the piss. All this in just over a year. :(
On top of all Grandmother (paternal) is in hospital with something nasty that I can't remember the name of, no point me going in cos she doesn't even know who I am...I saw her in sainsburys after christmas and she looked at me and sailed straight past. My Dad has had a nasty accident and is receiving treatment everyday, don't see my Dad at all, but do feel sorry for him.
Then at 8.30 this morning I get the police knocking on the door! Totally unrelated to any of this, but got everything sorted (nd no I haven't been bad lol).
So...ambulance anyone?!


Paula said...

What a day! Hope things are better now.

Sweet Shirleen said...

Awwwww hunny bun! I hope things get better, SOON!
Your poor Nan, she did right not opening the door and maybe if she'd looked out of the window she would have been terrified.
Hugs to you all