Monday, February 27, 2006

Of all the pretty things...

I love flowers. I have been missing my Grandad terribly this week, and decided to pay a visit to the cemetary to take him some flowers and oodles of bird feeders around his grave. He used to feed the birds in the garden every single day, and loved to sit an watch them, so I always make sure the birds are well fed for him and he has a bird bath on his grave.

Slightly manic day today. Had a serious case of the 'can't be bothereds' this morning, tidied up and that was about it. Chris brought the girls round this afternoon. Willow is now 6 months old already, Cait is just a dream of child, a hyper dream, but an absolute peach! Poor Molly walked in sporting her best pet lip, poor mite had been sick in the night, slept til gone 10am, stayed off playgroup, and seemed much better. She went really downhill though this afternoon. Raging temperature, looked like a zombie, and violently shaking (not convulsing just shaking). Then her lips turned blue, so I checked her hands and her little fingernails were turning blue as well. Nurofen made no difference, so I packed her off to the docs this evening. Poor mite :( She looked so rotten and sorry for herself.

So, all my plans for today totally went out of the window...maybe tomorrow will be a slightly more productive day!

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domestic goddess said...

thinking of you hun, your grandad's grave sounds beautiful, and those roses are stunning