Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ali stinks, Paul is childish and Levi is a monster!

Of course none of the above is true but Paul said he would be checking to see if I had written the above...so just to please him I have!
I know it has been, like, forever since I updated so prepare for a mahoosive entry! I finally managed to get a pic onto this bliddy laptop, I couldn't have blogged without it!
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Isn't he a peach?!
So, Ali, Paul and Levi came down wednesday to do cheltenham craft show...Levi stayed with me, and we had a ball..I am still recovering! We wore eachother out, but it was all good fun and now I really miss him!
Thursday I met up with Angela (Newgranma on uks) who is an absolute diamond, can't wait to meet her again...what a love she is. We spent ages gossiping and got hardly any shopping done!
Stopped off for my gossip fix with Orlando, and spent the rest of the show gassing with Ali and Paul.
Friday, out for dinner with Ali and Paul who both totally spoiled me and a wonderful evening was had...even though the restaurant had run out of scampi which had been mine and Alis choice!
Saturday-in a word- MANIC!
Victoria came round in the morning to make invitations and centrepiece for her Brownie 'hostess badge'. We walked Levi together, she and Levi played in the garden for ages!
Then the afternoon quickly arrived and a mad dash to get ready for the afternoon excitement!
Went with Amy and Jasmine to see snow white on ice. WOW! If you get the chance to go, I totally recommend it. It is like ballet on ice with a story and bubbles, and contortionists, and live doves released into the audience with lots of funky amazing ice skating moves thrown in for good measure...oh and some pyrotechnics too! It is produced by a russian company, and a lot of the skaters are olympic medal winners too. So fabulous moves, and a great day had by all. However if you do go...a word to the wise...don't sit too close to the stage...some poor old woman in front of us got smacked in the head with a shard of ice that came flying off someones skate! I pissed myself laughing (so cruel, I know but she laughed too!)
Saturday evening, Levi went home, and the house felt totally empty.
Sunday spent recovering and shopping, and yesterday and today I have done some tidying, and whipping up some projects using the new 'Foiled again' by www.clevercut.co.uk
Hope you are all well -x-

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domestic goddess said...

oh wow rena, what a fab piccie, sounds like you have been a busy bee, and having loads of fun as well. may have to check out the snow white on ice, both izzys favs rolled into 1!!!