Saturday, February 04, 2006

Get that girl an ambulance lol!

Ok so it's not quite that drastic! No ambulance was required but almost needed a couple of stitches! I just had to tempt fate didn't I?!

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Simba and I had a little collision...and I came off far worse! So just to remind you of the damage parrots can do (altered to black and white for those queasy blogettes!) and a moral for you...don't try and look up a parrots nose when he has just woken up! There was a reason for me looking up his nose...I think he had an allergic reaction to something! He was not impressed!
The blood was running down my face and wouldn't stop...poor Simba didn't know what was going on! Managed to get it to stop by holding the egdes together...eventually! Jeez parrot motherhood is tough going at times

Now, I am thinking a lot about sense of community today after a phonecall from my to see her in a bit. After the incident with the trees, the support she got was fabulous. A gentleman who used to visit my Grandad a lot heard what happened, and came to see her. He is arranging some blokes to come and take the trees out on Tuesday, and they will take all the rubbish away, and the local priest said they can put it in the church skip. My Nan has nothing to do with the church (it is catholic-she isn't), but they is a social club attached to it, and my Grandad used to spend a lot of time there. Also another lady came round and cleaned up most of the mess for my Nan.
Apparently a house by the church was 'done' as well. Same thing, two lads, set fire to the trees, except they had a fence too and the fence is now gone.
The council have been most unhelpful. They just keep passing us round to different departments. Thank God for community spirit! Although when the priest said that if he had a gun and saw the lads that were doing it he would shoot them! :0

Well, another year older tomorrow...I don't like it! A nice quiet day (I hope) trying not to think about how fast the years are going now!
Happy birthday (for tomorrow) to the wonderful Izzy who shares her birthday with me :)


domestic goddess said...

nasty cut hun!!! community spirirt is the best, so glad your Nan is getting some help. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, hope you got my parcel, which clearly states DO NOT OPEN!!!
anna x

Beth said...

Nasty cut there Rena. Hope it's healed up soon. No looking up his nose again alright? ;-)

Happy Birthday for tomorrow, no peeking at your parcels eeva! Hope you like.

Love Beth X