Monday, February 06, 2006

Thanking you!

Well here I am, another year older. Please- let it stop now!
Just a quick update to thank you all for my wonderful cards and pressies.
I didn't peek until yesterday I pwomise!
I was bowled over by all the gorgeous cards and gifts I received, absolutely scrummerlish!

Best of British entry has been emailed in, and I am cackin my pants now! I don't know why! And now the wait. Til around the 15th of March til we find out who will be crowned the winner!
Good luck all, I know lots of fab ladies have entered.


domestic goddess said...

good luck hun, why do we get so nervous about these things?
anna xps: can you keep an eye on UKS for me as i ahve you down to post for me

Sweet Shirleen said...

Rena babeee, if you don't have anymore birfdays you won't get any older, and that's horribubble, cos I'm already wrunkled compared to you being nine years older and I couldn't bear it!
Good luck!

domestic goddess said...

ahem, update your bloggy missy!!