Saturday, April 29, 2006

How much?!

Eyes tested..specs ordered! I fell in love with the above beauties ages ago...

so bought these as well! Simila design only in a browny reddish colour!
£200 later! (FCUK £125 per pair plus coatings, but they gave me £99 off if I bought a 2nd pair)
Bless my Nan- she bought them for me, I didn't want her too but she hid a stash of money in my bag and threaten to hit me round the head with a saucepan if I gave it back!
I've had the same specs for about 6+years and my eye test confirmed that my astigmatism has changed so I would have had to had new glasses anyway...these are falling to pieces-with the help of Simba. I know this is a boring subject but a huge thumbs up to dolland and aitchinson. They have been FAB today. They asked if I get headaches, which yes I have been...however when the optician looked inside my eyes she looked a bit alarmed and asked if I have had nausea and vomiting. Again yes (part of my original symptoms which is why they took so much blood!)...she has instructed me that if it continues she wants me to be refferred to a neurologist! Which again gives me the worry that it is infact a brain tumour like we orignally thought...but the optician will ring if she finds any abnormalities with the extra tests they did. They gave me lots of extra tests while I was there, just to check everything over cos of these headaches...and one nice chap took me into a dark room and asked me to dress up like a pirate and play space invaders with him! Oooher! Service with a smile eh?! (it was actually a cool machine to test my peripherererereral field of vision...or summat!)
Soooo get me new specs next week...cant wait and I am sure you are all thoroughly bored now!

Got the latest scrapbook inspirations mag today, Best of British is announced in this issue and it was great to see me and Anna in this issue. Thanks to Jane Dean for the tip off lol!
The layouts look great but I have to agree with every word Anna uttered on her blog yesterday about it all...still, we should be incredibly proud with what we have achieved :)


domestic goddess said...

hi babes
nice specs!!!
I need my copy of SI, boohoo, so tell me more about the article, i need to know before i sob all over my keyboard

Paula said...

Cool specs! What a wonderful grandma you have!

Shell said...

You have been tagged!