Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back, but not long how for.
Our town has been hit really badly by the flooding (the front page of the Sun today showed a place about 5-10 mins from me-if you have seen it- yes it really is that bad!). All the rivers have burst their banks, around 200 families in the area and neighbouring towns/cities have had to be rescued by helicopter and the whole place is madness (I couldn't even buy a loaf of bread today, lots of supermarkets were shut and those that were open had hardly anything.)
Poor poor Mart was stuck in it. He got on the motorway at 2pm yesterday afternoon to go and see his Dad, and arrived here at 7am this morning after having slept on a roundabout. Poor love was shattered, cold, thirsty, hungry and aching. And he didn't complain one single bit bless him. A couple of hours in bed, followed by a hot bath numerous cups of tea and some much needed food (he hadn't eaten/drunk since yesterday lunchtime) and he was fighting fit again. I spose he is still one of the very lucky ones.
Several friends were stuck in it (including a breast fed newborn with no Mummy in the car poor lil mite) another friend picked Mama up to take her to the car to feed her and they just could not get through. It took them over 5 hours to do a five minute journey (poor Dad had been stuck in the car with three screaming girls for 7 hours- then the car broke down too!).
Still we are all safe and warm now, unlike some poor souls. If I could get through to help the less fortunate I would be there like a shot, but they are not letting anyone through.
I hope Angela (omg I have seen Stratford) Jo (omg seen evesham too) KT and Boo are all ok and safe, and anyone else I know in the surrounding areas.

Consequently I have had no internet since yesterday morning, just checked it quickly now and found I have a connection, but no idea how long it will last so figured it was safest to blog incase it goes again. I haven't felt this cut off for a long time!

Lots of love to everyone and stay safe -x- Oh and if you have emailed me I will get back to you as soon as I can, I have loads to sift through!

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