Sunday, July 22, 2007

quick update while I have internet again.

The water situation is worse still. We are still ok here, the helicopters are out in force again, as are the RNLI.
The water is going off shortly, the processing plant is flooded and they cannot clean any more water, so once this is gone that is it. Everyone has been out panic buying, there is NO water in any of the supermarkets, grown men are pushing children out of the way to grab the last bottles off the shelves. People are trying to get through the floods to get emergency standpipes and bottles through for drinking water, but obviously that is no easy task. Not sure how long it will be off for, Sky news are saying wednesday night at the mo, but who can tell?!
Will try and update here as and when I have internet connection, it is easier and quicker than going round the forums!
Take care all -x-

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