Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh Happy Day...

Happy Birthday Bubby Boo! This gorgeous lil cherub turned 6 whole years old today. Where the flip has the time gone?!

And of course cheeky photo of the day award goes to the birthday boy himself! Flippin nutjob!
Floodwatch- well the water ran out today, they reckon it will be at least 5 days til they can get in to sort it out, but realistically more like 7-14 days. Watch for the swarm of flies following me about!
*touches wood* we still have power, fingers crossed it stays on. The emergency services, RAF and army have been working tirelessly all through last night and today to try and prevent any more water getting in to the sub stations.
I was stunned at the news today. The river I was taking photos of today has completely burst through its banks. The bone dry road I was stood on yesterday while taking the pics (in my last post), is now thigh deep. That was in less than 24 hours. The river is expected to peak in the early hours, and I seriously hope it will start to calm down then.
Gordon Brown flew in by helicopter today, to be fair though he did get down on the ground and visit one of the badly affected areas. A promise of more money for the clean up operation was made too.
The thing that has struck me most is the bizarre atmosphere. It is SO strange, and I have no idea how to begin to put it into words!
Thank you for your messages, we are fine, honestly. I do hope it stays that way, but we can cope without water, and power if it comes to it (although a real 'mare for people with no gas, as the water from the emergency bowsers that the military delivered has to be boiled). We are in a very fortunate way compared to so many others. I did spend the early hours of Friday morning lifting loads of stuff up higher in my scraproom, I am only just sorted from the last flood, so figured I may as well get stuff out the way as I had a bit of warning this time!
Lots of love everyone, and stay safe and dry -x-


Suzanne said...

Just to let you know I'm thinking of you Rena. Hope the services get sorted sooner than expected.

Ali said...

Happy Birthday Simba

All our love

Ali, Paul and Levi


Net said...

Yo Rena - been wondering how you are - I've lost your phone number too - I was going to ring and make sure you and that handsome little fella are OK.


Net and harry -x-

Caro said...

Hoping everything is still OK with you Rena. Take care,