Sunday, July 22, 2007

I don't think I have ever updated so often! LOL!
I guess that's what comes from not knowing when you are going to have internet!

Brave or stupid? Ventured out of the house earlier for a while! This is what I saw...

That used to be a field- there were too many scenes like this, but much to my amusement, lots of people were boating in the fields!
That is the river, complete with burst banks, the bit of hedge you can see was where the bank was originally...another view below

Took that one from the car as we were driving through behind this van
and lastly, the gridlock...the bridges were covered with people, police galore, and news crews. Basically that is another part of the river (across the road from the above pics) and it had burst its banks there too, so all the roads were closed off. Nice to see a bit of blue sky though!


Caro said...

Hi Rena, Good to hear from you! I am glad that the flooding hasn't damaged your house. Be careful wont you. Love, Caro

Ali said...

Thinking of you all hun!!

Keep safe


Ali and Levi

Sue said...

Can't stop thinking of you ..(((((((((((((hugs))))))))
Take care hun xx

Jo said...

just wanted to stop by and send you (((hugs))) hope you are ok

jo xx