Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Snowy days and Mondays...

I know it is Tuesday now but this pic was taken last night during our big flurry of snow! The snow is still here, and although freezing cold here, the sun is out so the snow will probably be gone soon.
Waiting to hear back from the stables...apparently the barrow field and track we use for hacking is frozen over, so we need to see if they can let us use the arena today! All good fun!
Off for Mexican at a friends tonight...Barry is cooking me veggie style fajitas with sour cream and salsa...should be good as he is a trained chef ;)
Like Anna, I am now on the lookout for some decent fingerless glubs! It is sooo cold in my scrap/workroom, my hands are going to fall off. So fingerless gloves are the way to go I think...should be able to work still whilst wearing them!
I have been commissioned to do another 12x12 album...and on top of that I have to do some serious work on the photos...should be somewhat interesting...and challenging! I don't mind doing it at all, just have a lot on at the mo...yet all I seem to be actually achieving is reading the dark side! ;)
Had a great weekend...my niece had another birthday (I swear kids have more than one birthday a year!) and my God daughter Kara turned three as well. We had Kara's party at ballyhoo, big indoor play thingamy, had great fun. The kids had a fantastic time, and so did the grown ups! Jasmine decided to open her party bag when we got her home...and wanted to open her bubbles...she made such a mess that I took her outside to do them...in the dark, sat on the swinging chair....got some great snaps of her though so watch out for those!
Keep warm and snug everyone xox


Sweet Shirleen said...

Ooooh you got snow! S'not fair!!!
Lovely piccie xxxx

domestic goddess said...

snow, snot fair, sounds like you had a fab weekend, hope all is well
anna x