Sunday, January 01, 2006

'Appy Noo Years...from my scraproom to yours!

appy noo years everyone! Tried to do this at midnight but the laptop wasn't having any of it!
I hate new year. Not the January the 1st part of it...just the farce of celebrating beforehand. It isn't a good time of year for me, I accept it, but don't go out of my way to celebrate it! Totally pants pic of can even see the tv reflection in my glasses...but it is airs and graces, just lil ole me., in my scraproom!
Hope you are all enjoying the festive season as it draws to an end. I have big hopes for 2006, don't worry I am not setting myself up for a big let down...if things happen then they were meant to be...if they don't then it isn't the end of the world. What are your goals for 2006? I want to take my scrapbooking to another level...for ME. I want to stick to my own style. I want to enjoy it again, and not do a layout because I feel I have to. I need to learn to say no to comission albums (done a few now!) I want to learn about photography, I have a fantastic new camera, and I want to make it earn its keep! I want to forget the minor irritations in life, and act like a child again!
I need to learn to stop waffling!...well mebbes that is hoping for a bit too much!
Whatever your goals, wishes, dreams and hopes, I wish that 2006 is your year.
2006 IS the year of the scrapper

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