Thursday, January 12, 2006

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I must I must I must improve my blog updating! Will try really hard...bit snowed under at the mo! Still have this commission album to do, plus loads of other scrap related stuff, and the card for CB mag to duplicate and send in, plus loads of other bits and bobs that I am blocking from my mind right now!
Today I managed to bag some of the new gorgeously deeelish URBAN ADDITIONS can't wait for them to arrive so I can lick them.

Todays blog photo was taken yesterday evening, from the track in the forest we take the ponies and horses through on our hack. This is at the top of the hills in Leckhampton, a really beautiful, peaceful area...I forget all my troubles while I am there. I have discovered that I seriously need to fashion some kind of camera bag to stop me looking like a touristy prat with my camera round my neck. This isn't usually a problem, but 1) if you are riding a horse or leading a pony it just aint gonna happen any other way, 2) horses will try to eat a camera around your neck, and 3) a big lensed camera will not fit under your coat no matter how hard you try.
I also discovered that I need proper knee length riding/stable boots, knee high mud versus ankle length joddy boots just aint gonna work!

Personal life is turmoil just now...not my own personal problems per se, but everyone elses...gotta be strong...I have been feeling better over the last few months, it has taken me 4.5 years to get this far. I can't face going back to square 1 again. It will not beat me.
I think my noo years ressy should have been 'other peoples problems and traumas are not my problems and traumas' maybe this should be my will never work though, I am way too sensitive for that.

Got a gorgeous house guest coming to stay at the end of Feb, that could be interesting and I am really looking forward to this space to see how I cope lol!

TTFN blogettes -x-

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domestic goddess said...

gorg photo rena, btw you have been tagged, mwahhahaah