Monday, January 30, 2006

Embrace the space!

That's just what I am doing...white space on my layouts IS A GOOD THING! That's it, decision made! I never totally clutter my layouts, but am leaving more space on recent ones, I like fills me with calm!
Getting a bit arty farty lately (maybe that is why my layouts are becoming clean and simple again-I can use altering as a messy outlet!?), the weekend has been filled with plying with floor polish, making pretty background panels for atc's and stuff!
Had a good chat on the phone with Jen last night, and we actually realised just how much altering we have both done. In fact between us, we built up quite a varied portfolio of alteredness! Loads of techniques between us! In fact I found a gorgeous embellishmenty type thingy that Jen had made for me a couple of years ago, from resin.
Altered art certainly seems to be very popluar at the moment, and this explosion got me thinking. Why is it suddenly so popular? I think a large part of it is to do with so many people having home internet now, and the magazine market is now open to altered art being incorporated within an existing style of mag. So the word is spreading, people are sharing their work more, (well some people are) and more and more advice and techniques are being made available to people.
Will try and get some pics up (they are on the other pc) of the backgrounds I made...lots of experimentation with colour!
Hope all my blogettes are well and happy -x-

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