Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Nothing exciting to report really! Drank evil red wine last night (I never touch red) and today have had a headache all day, and been in a foul mood! Must not drink red again!
Spent the day with Jasmine yesterday, it is amazing how different she is after a week off school. My odds are on her turning into a lil cow once she starts back at school...she isn't naughty just so damn lary in term time!

Anyway, pic for today is of Kara, one of my god daughters. She is a funny lil munchkin. We have a bit of a special bond, even though I don't see her too often, but I was there when she came into the world.

Done heaps of housework/sorting out today, loads more to do tomorrow...just hope I have a bit of motivation. Really need to get some scrapping done, made some cute little accents tonight that I am well chuffed with...at least something scrap related is going right...mojo upped and left a while ago! All I wanna do is play with my camera!


amberjane said...

Gorgeous picture and gorgeous girl

domestic goddess said...

gorgeous,love the manipulation