Sunday, January 22, 2006

why is it?

That some days I spend hours doing one thing and never seem to get anywhere at all..and other days, like today I can achieve all of this by 4pm:
get me and simba up and sorted, get simba and jess fed, prepare todays and tomorrows dinners, catch up on all forum posts, put an order together online, take a phonecall, play with simba for a while, go to work at the hospital for the afternoon, complete two circle journal entries, tidy my scraproom (kind of), check forums again, manage to make and eat lunch in between! How?

Still lots more I could be doing lol!

My scrapbooking seems to have gone topsy turvy, since around October ish I have gone back to my roots of more simple layouts. I am very fond of A4 layouts again too...something I have dabbled with before but this time it is a real passion!

Lots to complete on the scrapping front, plus atcs for the lounge swap, if I continue to have days like today...piece of piss! lol!

1 comment:

Sweet Shirleen said...

Ooooh A4 layouts, that means you have lots of scraps of luvly paper for cards!