Monday, January 30, 2006

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    First times you got kissed, how was it ??
    hmmmm I remember my first proper snog! It was my best friends older brother Leicester, and it was ming-a-ling!
    First time you drove a car ? What kind of car was it ?
    Never ever driven a scares the sheeite out of me!
    First time you scrapbook and do you still like your page ??
    Spring/summer 2004, started an album as a gift for my Mum, after I vowed never to scrapbook! Best gift I have ever given! I do still like my page...ok it was nothing fantastic but the start of a huge journey for me.
    First time you went on a date, where did you go and with whom??
    Honestly can't remember! First proper boyfriend I guess at about 15-16!
    First time you fell in love and how did you know ??
    hmmm was about 16....and totally head over heels for a guy called Rob...we split up and got back together a year or two later. How did I know? Because in some way I still love him after all these years (I hate him too!)
    First time you cooked for someone ? Was it yummy and what did you make ??
    can't remember...but I do remember making a cup of tea at a very young age for my Mum and Dad using the hot tap cos I knew I wasn't allowed to touch the kettle!
    First time you got on a plane?? Where did you go and were you scared ??
    I was 9, and went on a huge plane from Gatwick to the usa with my Dad. I was in floods of tears cos I had just left my Mum crying at the gates. It was a very sad affair as I was going to stay with my Auntie who had terminal cancer. Had a ball with her though in the time I stayed with her, and ended up there for longer than planned. God I am so glad I did.
    First time you shaved your legs ?? And did you cut yourself ?
    I went through the phase of asking my Mum if I could shave my legs, until one day just before we went out she shaved a patch off my leg with an electric razor...bitch! Didn't have time to sort them out as we had to leave the house!
    First time you put on make up ? Looking back how did you do ? Did you look like a clown or do a good job ?
    Can't remember the first time...I was obsessed with Barbie make up at a young age (remember the nail varnish too that peeled off by itself lol) I remember by brother buying me a load of barbie make up one christmas...I was so chuffed!
    First time you moved out of home? Was it into an apartment or house ??
    Gosh...I spent most of my time at about 17 at the house of the family I worked for as a nanny, although still had the odd night at home and lived from suitcases. I then moved in with my boyfriend and left the nannying job for an office job. It was a bedsit/flat, quite a nice little set up...I eventually left him and moved back home. I then had every intention of moving out again, but got into some bother, and had to stay put (that info is certainly not for blogging lol). By this time it was just me and Mum, and neither of us could have afforded to live alone so I stayed put. Shortly after that I had a bungalow, but decided to stay with Mum. I was happy and so was she, so we sold up. Then I got signed off sick, and can't afford to move out, so am with Mum again for the forseeable future!! Jeez essay!

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