Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Busy bees...

Look at her go! This was taken with a lot of zoom too! Jasmine has also learnt recently how to ride her bike without we took her out on the cycle path, and man oh man can she ride well! Never one to do things by halves lol! So proud of her...she is having a bit of a rough time at the is just a phase, but infuriating and saddening at the same time. I am naming this the 'obsessively worry' phase! So I bought her a worry angel in a cute box (J loves trinkety things) so that may help...or it will sit on her shelf in her bedroom! We had a lovely day Saturday, just me and J, nothing exciting. We spent the morning playing on the playstation, sorting beads out, then shopping. But it was sooo nice! I did however get collared into promising her that if/when I get married she can be my bridesmaid- this was all born out of a love for the bridesmaid dresses in debenhams!

What a cutie! And this time I don't mean J! This is a gosling, not very old at all...and he was BEAUTIFUL! Totally cuddly snuggly lushness! And now I want one!
Saw the lambing, some only just born, and it was wonderful...this was at our local farm park. Lots and lots of baby critters...lambs goats ducks chickens (Del Rodney and Albert!) lovely day had by all until J threw a wobbler so we abandoned the idea and went home!

Off out to the stables in about 10 the rain yuk!
Hope you are all well -x-


Beth said...

Awww love her little heart, look at her riding her back with no help. Glad you had a lovely time together. XX

domestic goddess said...

wow, izzy is no way ready to come off stabilizers, mind a new bike may help that. Big Hugs to J,5 is tough, Izzy is having a tough time too at the mo

Mel said...

Clever girl riding the bike without stabilisers and what a cute little gosling - but do you think Simba would really like to share you with a baby goose?! Mel x