Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good news, bad news

So, doctors yesterday and last test results are back...
Hormone levels are going back down which means that it looks far less likely that it is the brain tumour (non cancerous usually) that we feared...however my liver enzymes are still really high so they want to retest that again in about 8 weeks, as that could be what is causing all my symptoms. Now I will point out, when people say liver you normally think 'alcohol'...I can assure you I am not a big drinker, in fact I haven't had a single alcoholic drink for ages (I think the last was february!). So not all bad! I have decided against treatment just now. I really don't want to pump my body full of drugs to try and treat the symptoms, at least until we know exactly what we are dealing with. Doctor was very supportive of this, and left the decision to me. I love doctors that let you choose your own path with things like this!

Did a bit of scrapping at the weekend for the uks cybercrop, made a few atcs too. Fave layout from the weekend is this one (poopsie pic sorry- it is all straight irl) which was a challenge by Tara Whitney love love loved doing this one...

I can now confirm I will be going to a fab event in September at cotswold keepsakes and cannot wait! An afternoon of classes with our very own Kirkyloolaa and none other than the equally gorgeous Emily Falconbridge Do you know I have never ever been to a crop/class/retreat...so I mega excited about this!

Mum had a fab afternoon sunday...she was the star attraction at a service held at the beautiful Gloucester Cathedral. Will update more on that when I have the pics...but it was all rather swish! And the newspaper wants to interview her too! ooohlala!


Anonymous said...

Hi Babes

Sorry to hear they still haven't really got to the bottom of it all, but at least they are ruling stuff out....just take it easy and only you know what is best for you, glad doctor is supporting that.

Great news about your Mum sounds very special!!

Speak to you soon mad laydeeeee

domestic goddess said...

you take care hun, hope the tests come back ok
love love the lo, i think i may have to do this challenge its fab

Sweet Shirleen said...

Well yannow just cos you say your not an alcoholic doesn't mean you aren't!!! They're all in denial!!! Only kidding babe!
Fab LO!

TraceyT said...

Take care honey, hope it all gets sorted soon xxx