Saturday, April 15, 2006

She never fails to amaze me...

...and I truly mean that!
I said it wouldn't be long until she took her first jump, but I didn't think it would be this quick!
Yes, Jasmine did her first (and second) jump this week! She has only been cantering for a few weeks, but she bloody did it! AND she stayed on. She nearly came a cropper after the second jump, but she held on round Lettie's neck and rectified the situation pronto! That's my girl...and she is still only FIVE years old! That is what is so shocking I think!

Had a busy week this week, decided to redo my studio (that's what I call it when I am feeling posh!) added some new cheapo units from argos, and I can feel the mojo flowing through already! is to a better organised creative experience!

Will do a better update tomorrowish...just thought I would let you know I AM alive still, and wish you all a very happy easter :)


domestic goddess said...

wow thats fab, i cant imagine izzy even getting on a horse !!!
have a lovely easter abbes
hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Bless her what a star!! She is braver than me that is for sure!!

Levi met his first horse close up over the weekend, and it was love at first sight, the horse keep pushing his nose through the fence so Levi could lick and sniff him!! Bless

Take care, and tell Jasmine she is a star


Ali and Levi

Sweet Shirleen said...

Me no like horses! What a brave gurl!

Beth said...

She looks very professional on that photo, bless her. I love horses, don't know about getting on one now mind, it's legs would give way beneath it, ha! Hope she enjoys it for years to come.