Sunday, April 09, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes...

Bad bad blogger- I am sorry it's just been one of those weeks!

First off a huge thank you to the girls at scrap pad. Fab fab fab cyber crop this weekend!
Will post some of my creations below.

So, the reason for my title today?
Jasmine. My sweet lil angel!
Meant to blog about this before now, but hey ho better late than never!
She gave me a little handmade envelope, containing this treasure:

How lush is that! For those not au fait with 5 year old's spelling it translates as:

I love you because you are
Love Jasmine

OMG I welled up, she flung her arms around me, kissed me and said, 'I made this for you because you are all of those things'
Lump in the throat or what?!
I am so blessed to have this little darling in my life.
You can always count on her to make you feel better no matter how lousy things are!

So, other happenings this week...erm normal stuff...Jas is on half term so we have been at the stables (in the glorious sunshine) her riding is just amazing now, I am so proud of her...she can canter really well now. Bear in mind she has only done cantering in three lessons! It won't be long until she is jumping!

Docs this week too for results from blood tests, doc can't figure out what is going on, one of my hormone levels was high, and one of my liver enzyme levels is through the roof. So she has put me on some meds to try and prevent the headaches. To be honest I haven't even got the prescription, and don't think I will. It knocks you out to the point you physically cannot get out of bed. No way. Not an option. She did say I could regulate the dose myself but I really don't want to take that risk.
So she has re-ordered the blood tests, so another four bottles of blood sucked out my arm! Had angel nurse though, and never even felt the needle go in, even though I watched the whole thing! Thank Christ she is permanent at my surgery now!

Other news- some of you know we were taking an official body to court (daren't say too much on a public blog lol) on behalf of my Grandad. He started it all before he died. Anyway, they admited liability from the start, and made an offer. The bloody solicitor accepted the offer. We hadn't decided, and certainly hadn't given the solicitor instructions to accept!
Nan just wants it over and done with, so we are leaving it be.
And do you know what my Nan is gonna buy with her piddly amount (considering the circumstances it really is piddly)? A pair of slippers! Bless her. I love my Nan!

Cyber crop creations:
Didn't get as much done as I would like, but there is time to do more!
A couple of my faves-these were classes by Anna.

Love love love this layout- not often I am this happy with a layout, but combine my bootiful, fave lil man, with my favest lishest urban couture paper (thanks again Ali!), and my fave style of scrapping, and, well YUM!

This was a coaster class by Anna, but as I didn't have a coaster (shocking behaviour) I made a mini wall hanging. Of course as I was so happy with my layout, I made this to match. It is now hanging in my scrap room from a shelf unit. (pic shows it on my new easel lol)

Hope everyone is well...hugs to Beth who is feeling a bit like I do today! Chin up chicker!
ttfn -x-


Anonymous said...

Fab layout Rena, I love the wall hanging too - gorgeous x

Anonymous said...

Fab work hun, love it all. What a precious letter from Jasmine, very special!!

Glad your Nan is sorted (even if not to the full extent) but at least she can move on, bless her.

Take care


Ali and Levi xxx

domestic goddess said...

LOVE BOTH YOUR LO AND WALL HANGING BABES,thanks so much for doing my class, glad yor Nan is getting things sorted, and fingers crossed on the blood tests babes
hugs xxxx

Paula said...

Sweet letter! It will be a treasured memory.
Lovely work, beautiful papers and great, crisp picture.
Good luck with the tests results.