Sunday, April 02, 2006

tis a social whirl!

Well the last week has been anyway!
Been to the stables, dinner with friends, watched teenage-end-of-the-world-forever-blubbing, and hobnobbed at the nec since my last update!
This is clevercut's stall at the nec, so happy that things are going so well for them :) Had pressies too ;)
Had a great day catching up with people, shopping galore, and of course gossiping!

Paul made a fabby board with all the samples on that I did, I almost blushed in public!
So, this week I need to catch up on everything I didn't get done last week...and of course I have the dreaded docs in the morning-hopefully she should have my test results back...I have been really calm through all of this, but am cacking it now! It isn't helping my creativity either...I have been sat at this desk for about 5 hours trying to make atcs, and it just isn't happening!
I have also been doing my own take on Rhonna Farrers {21 day challenge, see here for details. I am finding it great so far. I am trying to do a 'pretty quote album' filled with all of these fabulous quotes that Rhonna has put together...I figure they will either inspire me or give me a good kick up the behind when I need it! It is fairly therapeutic too :) Thanks Rhonna!
So here are my efforts so far, I have hidden bits when I felt I needed to add personal stuff :)
Day one- used this as a kind of intro page

Day two- glitterama!

Day three- this is actually pink swirlies, but the pics are so naff it looks white (in my defence I was taking them just before I had to rinse the dye out of my hair!)

Right gotta run-it is 8.20 I am bidding on ebay in some nasty war with someone else, I need to have a bath and be all sorted by 9pm when I need to be back to listen to a live gig KT Tunstall did in a pub which is on the radio!
TTFN -x-


Eminepala said...

Lovely entries!! I like them...


Anonymous said...

Love those entries hun!!!

Glad you had a good day at the NEC, we loved seeing you, and thank you again you are a Babe!!!

Now stopping licking it and stroking it, you will wear it out!!!!

domestic goddess said...

you have been busy! loving teh journal entires
hugs xx

Sweet Shirleen said...

Lovely journal entries!