Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lunch tins

Just a quick post about lunch tins for Shirl. This one is from Asda, they reduced them by loads. I have covered them and decorated, and am just finishing off an album to go inside for friends' gifts for Christmas. There are scrapbooking manufacturers producing these now, provocraft and basic grey do, but they are dearer, and the only real bonus to the plain tins is that they don't have pictures on them! The BG ones are mucvh dearer but they do come with inserts. I have done another tin as a scrap planner for me, there is room for swatches, sketches etc all divided.
Anyhoodle...hope the pic is ok!
Ahh...managed to chop the handle off the pic but you get the idea I hope! Should be back to blog properly this eve...bit manic here today!!

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