Wednesday, November 02, 2005


...and not nice ones either. I am dreading the funeral tomorrow. Totally dreading it. Essentially, I am going to be placed amongst hoards of people I haven't spoken to for a long time. One in particular that is causing me the most stress (even typing it out is giving me the jitters). I am really hoping for some reason he isn't there, but I know he will be. Without going into details on a public blog, this man caused me immense pain in more ways than one, then walked away leaving me to pick up the pieces. 8 years on, and the pieces are still scattered all over my life, I battle with it every single day, and I bet it never even enters his head.
Still, must soldier on, just need to get tomorrow over and done with, and then try and pick those pieces up yet again.
Sooo me and my biddy had a multi coloured drinking sesh tonight, that helped!
Hope all my blogettes had a good prepared for possible ranting tomorrow night!!

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