Saturday, November 19, 2005

Girly things

I decided to take a photo of my pocket! Don't know why, but I love it! This is from one of my fave tops, and I simply adore the pink embroidery on the brown fabric...yum! Total girly pinky chicness. It got me to thinking about other small details that we see constantly, yet never actually focus on. I have decided I need to go around the house/my day to day routine and photograph all of those little things. My favourite coffee mug, my huge pink dressing gown that I love to snuggle in, my beautiful new(ish) suedette bedding, and the fleeces covering my bed (dya get the impression I am cold today?! lol). All of these little details make up the bigger picture of my life, yet are so overlooked...I am going to make it my mission to document them for years to come when I will no doubt have forgotten them.

On a completely different note, I got bought choccies this week and chocs in one week.....both from two different men...neither of them my boyfriend!!!! Life is good!! ROFL!!!!

Off out in a while, I have tickets to see a fantastic show at a local theatre... off to see these guys They are truly amazing...and of course Jasmine will be performing...basically it is a street dance school, I went and watched them working last week...they are very very good! I believe they are doing 'car wash'...should be fun! Going to drop J off for rehearsals at 5, then off to tgi's for a few drinkies!

Anna, will let you know about the canvases, it is going well, only snag is I need to get photos printed! Got so much scrappy stuff going on at the mo! Have managed to do 4 cj's this week!

ttfn -x-

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domestic goddess said...

ooo you are a busy girl, love the new look blog as well hun
cant wait to see the canvases hun