Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy halloween!

To those who celebrate, or at least take part in some way, a very happy halloween to you all, to those that don't then happy Monday!
I have to say, I don't normally 'do' Halloween, but this year we pre arranged that my God Daughter and two of her friends would come and trick or treat me! So I carved the pumpkins I got from the pumpkin farm, and popped one on the doorstep along with some balloons. Our first caller was at 5.45...by 6.15 we had run out of sweets! So Sean and I ran up to the shop and bought another £15 worth! They nearly all went too. Tonight has been a real pleasure, all of the kids were polite, and friendly, there was no nastiness at all, and most said they only came to the doors that had some kind of decoration outside so they would be welcome, that, I think is lovely. There is so much that I dislike about Halloween, and this year has been a refreshing change, I have totally enjoyed it! All of the children had made an effort, there were ghosts, ghouls, princesses, witches, and un-named black bag clad creatures! One little girl really tugged the old heart strings, she was on her own (well she had Mum with her) and very quietly knocked the door, spoke in the softest voice, so I gave her extra sweeties, and she was sooooo thankful! What a little treasure she was, she then skipped up the drive to her Mum, leaving me with a 'Happy Halloween'! Bless her! There have been no late night callers either which I am so pleased about! Loads of the houses have been decorated in our road, and they look amazing! So many happy children bustling about, we must have had at least 50 here tonight, if not more. All in all a great success!

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