Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday wobblings

Ok ok ok I know I have been really bad and not updated for a week or so. Well to be honest I just couldn't face it but now I CAN! So the was horrendous, having to face so many people I haven't spoken to in ages, but that part was fine. Twat man was there, and had the nerve to speak to my Mum who was stood next to me, while I was stood watching the coffin being lowered into the ground, with the deceased mans daughter in my arms, and totally blanked me!! How rude, after all he has done! I think my mum muttered a hello, but followed it with 'I'll poke your f**king eyes out' (quietly of course this is MY Mum after all!).
I managed to keep distanced from him after that thank God. So the other thing that bothered me...a male friend was there (also a son of the deceased) we used to be really close, and were together at one point, it was one of those relationships where we managed to stay close after being together, not often that happens. Sadly he has a very jealous lady friend (I can't say girlfriend as she is waaaay older than him!) so I couldn't even talk to him properly.
Anyway it is over and done with and I survived, a huge thank you to Ali for my card, your words made me feel so much better lovey!

The project of the day today is lunch tins. I am trying to get some albums made as pressies for friends for is scarily close now! It is going well so far, but really must get my printer sorted out so I can do the photos! May put this batch onto cd and take them into the printers to be done. Loving how the tins look all problem is managing to give them away! ;)


domestic goddess said...

good to see you blogging again rena hun, just over to give you nudge as well, glad teh funeral is over and wasnt too painful meeting up with peeps again
hope to see soem piccies of tehse lunch tins as well
anna x

Sweet Shirleen said...

Awww bubba! I was hoiping he'd be violently ill, actually still hoping for that!
At least it's over babe.
What on earth are lunch tins?