Saturday, November 26, 2005

TFI Friday

ok, I know, I am so gonna make the effort to update more regularly!

Had a gorgeous day today with Mart. We had a bit of a heart to heart, and he has admitted that he is finding it really difficult to adjust to life now he is out. Of course I already knew this but it was nice to hear him admit it. He also told me just how much he had missed me while he was inside...he tries not to say things like that too often!
One of the many things I love about this man is his total faith in me. He was looking through some of my scrapping mags earlier, and we were talking about my scrapping. The comments he gives me are amazing, and he thinks that my scrapbooking is amazing. He has way more faith in me than I have ever had in myself about anything. :)

Not been too bad a week, the usual stuff, stables (man it was FREEZING), shopping with Amy, oh and I won the cd comp on the lounge forum, that was nice :)

Not gonna bother going into the dealings with uks...suffice to say that everyone is getting on with things now, and I totally support these girls (the banned 8! hey we should have a concert for them), and am shocked by the behaviour of some people.

Will update again soon, have loads of deadlines, and my mojo aint boinging. Maybe I should do some random throwing of things on card, stick them down straight away and see if that helps...usually does!

Lubs ya'all


domestic goddess said...

Hi Babes
Good to hear you are busy, so what are you up too?
And i would love to see your work in some mags babes, Mark is right your work is stunning so get submititng, go on tell em i am looking at the wrong amgs and you are!!!!
anna x

greyparrot said...

Not quite brave enough, but do have a couple of things up my sleeve ;) Not going to say a word til I actually do it though lol!

Paula said...

Hearts to hearts are good. :)

Congratulations on winning the cd comp!