Thursday, March 16, 2006

I bruise easily... be gentle when you handle me!
To be fair the nurse in question was fab and very gentle. The last blood test I had killed so this was a relief today! So, off I go to the doctors, expecting one vial of blood to be taken...that's ok I thought...I'll get the three taken I need for breast cancer research at the same time(will enlighten you on that in a mo). How wrong was I?! SIX BOTTLES OF BLOOD! That is what she sucked out of my arm! Six flippin bottles! All through the biggest needle I have ever seen! It was fine though, and I am not even aching from it. I normally bruise terribly, but not too far!
Anyway-my main point- take yourself off to this site if you haven't already and SIGN UP! You don't have to do the blood tests if you don't want to, but of course it is far more beneficial to them if you can :) This is the biggest study of its kind, using everyday, normal (I use that term loosely!) women over 18. All you have to do is fill in the questionairre, and send the blood off if you can which you have done at your gp's surgery. All the envelopes you need are included, all prepaid, kit to take to your gp's surgery for blood tests, everything. They will contact you every few years to record any changes, and that is it. This brings us ever closer to finding that all important cure for one of the biggest killers of beautiful women everywhere. Big snogs to all of you that take the time to do this :)


domestic goddess said...

wonderful rena, i will go and have a look, but i am the biggest woos when it comes to blood, BUT this is for a good cause

Sweet Shirleen said...

Oh the docs now have more of my blood than I do!What's a few more drops? I will have a go too, providing I can get to the docs!

Kirsty said...

the only way you get blood out of me (without me fainting) is if billy the vampire came to my house in the dead of night (well, the dont come in the day huh - cos they is nighty peeps) and he sucked the blood from my slinky neck . But i always sleep with garlic and a crucifix and holy water by my bed - so I think im pretty much safe there.

Anyway - I applaud your bravery wee rena and that picture from yesterday will have my brother leaving kerry in the drop of a hat. you could be my sis in law -- how cool? and then i would be related to your funky cool momma bear (hugs to ann)

Jen said...

Sorry you are not well (hugs). But thank you for the link - years of regular blood testing has made me immune to blood letting (LOL), so off I toddled to sign up for the cause. And might I say how gorgeous you look? Well you do :)

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog header, what a handsome chap he is!!

Will try and get sorted with the breast cancer stuff, have to go to doc soon any way

Love to you from

Ali and Levi xxx